Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who's gOnna savE us...?~

Why is she being like this

Hunger for some hope
That in the end,

Will eating her from inside
Slowly, dying inside
No one can save her

After all this years
She felt like being tortured
Strangled on the neck

Everyone surrounding her,
Only staring at her,

Staring in coldness,faceless
No hand to hold
No hand to get you up

While you're struggling
To escape from this black hole

Why did they turned their back on you?

You just don't get it

You just don't understand
No matter how hard you try to change it,
It's still the same

Her head in a mess
Her heart is full of hatred,sadness

Is there someone will finally understand,
Just how she feels,
Without being told
What's on her mind
What's in her soul

She just wants to be herself
With nothing to worry about
Says what she wanna say
Thinks the way she wanna think

Who's gonna save us?

Pija kiut
10.51 p.m 22/2/09

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