Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yeah, you wanna see me suffer?
You get it
You want to feel me breaking down?
You have it
But let me tell you one thing
I'm not giving up

This misery had taken me too far
It gets so complicated
Coz I'm confusing with myself
With my life
With people around me

Hey me,
Why did you loosen your rope of life?
Please don't
Coz we can still keep some hope
And you have me

It's hard to let it go
Just watch it slipped away from my naked hand
Just like that
My hands are numb
Feel nothing, nothing at all

Hey myself,
Why did you scared to show yourself?
Please don't,
Coz the one who will ruin is you
No one else

I'm gonna show you
That I'll make this agony
Fade away with you,
Without a trace

And I,
Why am I keep holding back,hiding
Please don't
Coz you won't have the chance
To taste the life you once had

Life is too short..

Pija kiut
12.02am 23/2/09

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