Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fantasy vs Reality~

We were lived before we even realize it..

We will go before we ever know it..

But in between, we're like a dead people walking,

living, in this fake world..

A World full of sun that shine from afar..

But as we get nearer, the shine is turning into an eye-strain..

Burning up its flame through our eyes and skins..

That we could feel the heat flowing into our heart..

That blowing up our minds..

As i'm getting older, i always wonder..

If i ever live a life accordingly..

According to people around me or according to the faith of my life's path?

I am always in a confusing state of mind..

Couldn't even give a single sign..

Couldn't even make a single sound..

Whether to take a peek of my footprints behind..

or to guide my feet forward..

There are times that i'm living inside a world full of fantasy..

That make my heart smiling every time..

But in the end my soul is pulled back down to the ground..

To get me back to reality..

It's like something knocked on my head to wake me up..

Although this reality life messed me up so much..

But there are times that i found peace and glitter through my veins..

And it brings so much joy than fantasy because i could feel it with my heart..

and hold it in my hands..

That's why for all this time,

I'm searching for an interception between fantasy and reality..


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