Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dun feel right~

I'm thinking, I'm wondering..
What happened these past few years..
I'm changing a lot
Did I growing up my mind..?
Or am i just getting worse
it all become so confuse
For a moment, i'm a girl with vision
for a second, i'm a girl with no direction
Really don't know what am i looking for in life

and i..
I'm just living it by the way it flows
but the truth is, i hate just living it
i want to taste it..
through my bloods
i want to feel it
all under my skins
with deeply appreciation
with no regrets or hatred
coz this life is short
And there is no other shot
to take back the moments in life
coz they'd slipped away with the time..
and i couldn't get to catch them..
No matter how hard i tried..

My heart is burning, my thoughts is flying, but i am staying..
going nowhere..

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