Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I'll scream..
Bleed it through my throat..
Whenever you're in my thought..
Crawling in every inch of my selfish thought..
You got me caught in your sweet-fake world..
Got no where to run to, no where to escape..

I can't think straight..
I couldn't seek the bright light..
Coz everything has changing..
Everything's so dark..

My hands are trembling..
Trying to untie this rope..
Till now I could only hope..
that you will set me free..

Throw away your innocent face..
Let it floats to the surface..
So everyone could see what's behind it..
You're not the only one who's holy..
Not the only one who says sorry..
You put every single blame on me..

How fair you think it would be..
How long you think it would lasts?
I'm not trying to make things complicated..
Coz it's not what I have ever wanted..

Have it ever come to cross your mind..
Why I ever be such a blind..
To not see what's in front of me..
And ignore you when you're with me..

It so hurt to feel this way..
That we'd used to swear with our blood..
You're judging me the way I behave..
without considering the reasons why..
I've held it for so long..
Maybe this is not where I'm belong..

It's a shame that I'm the only one who'd stuck here..
You drag yourself away, left me behind..
Pretending like nothing happened, in your mind..
With your happy face, and yeah, I'm well-aware of that..

All I can see is my heart's fading away..
Make my eyes to see more clearer..
Now, I'm flying away..
to open up that door..
With a light that shine brighter with or without you..

~Originally by me~


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