Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Walk To Remember ~~

Well, i'm just finishing watch this old movie(2002)-A Walk To Remember-starring Mandy Moore as Jamie and Shane West as Landon Carter. Well, for me, this is the first time I watch this movie. yeah..yeah.. i know.. but, whatever... hmm i just found this movie in my bro's PC, so i decided to spend sometime to watch the movie since i'd only heard the soundtrack Cry (..what a nice song!..)and this movie's title from some other's blog and friends.. I just love the title even before watching it.. --A Walk To Remember-- a very deep-metaphor meaning.


This movie is basically (well u guys must've already known) about a student, Landon, who was being a bad boy in his school (prank another student), and get punished by his teacher. He is forced to tutor a young student and participate in Drama Club's spring play. Well, all those punishment that he is compulsory to do, has bring him to meet his faith, Jamie. Jamie is a student girl who is conservative and has a life full of dreams. At first, he just need her to help him to remember his lines for the Drama Club's spring play. Jamie agreed but with one condition, he cannot fall in love with her. But after the play is over, he finds himself falling in love with her. But her father is not allowing Jamie to date with him. Anyway, Brandon never give up and asking her father's permission, to date with Jamie and convinced him that he really love her and will make her happy. Their love story goes well and romantic until one day, she told him that she is sick. She suffered from leukimia and found out about it 2 years before they'd met. Brandon is shocked with the news, but he never stopped loving her. He's trying to reach Jamie and leaving flowers in front of her door. After few days, Jamie come to him and apologizing to him for not telling the truth. Then, they are back again and he is trying to fullfill her dreams, and taking care of her. Until one day, she is very sick, he decided to marry her. They had a very good moment together with lots of love, in a long summer, before she died. After four years, he visited Jamie's father and her father told him that he is a miracle that happened to his daughter. Brandon still had her in his heart for a long time.

After watching the movie, all I can say is the movie was great! It's a sad-romantic movie that touched my feeling, which made me cry ( a little.. =P).. It has a very beautiful line-story and characters. Well, i must say that although the main man actor is not that handsome, but, his character, had made me crush on him for a while.. haha.. He is (in the movie) a bad boy who had turned into a new-good person. Very kind, romantic, and full of love character
(Personally, I just don't believe that majority of men in this world has that kind of passion in expressing love. But, no offence though =) )... This film is very beautiful as its title, of course, and i'll give 4.5 stars.. And now i feel like to watch this movie again..
~~I'm wondering what my love-life will story me? Will I ever has a chance to feel and experience the meaning of love..? Only God knows ~~ (^_^)

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